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Mzamo Mbuli

- Mzamo Mbuli is a dynamic (Afrocentric) Clinical psychologists who views psychological well-being as being intricate whole, that is body, soul and spirit.

From an African psychology perspective, the mind, body and soul are seen as a composite whole. Therefore one cannot separate the soul from the body or mind. The three typologies are interconnected.Therefore a healthy individual will have healthy spiritual life (Ubuntu), relationship with self (umuntu), and relationship with others (abantu.) In other words psychological distress is when one or more of these connection are separated.

- As a result of his worldview Mzamo Mbuli has an interest in abantu (Couples  therapy) and umuntu (Individual therapy).

My professional work values of Ubuntu

In short, Ubuntu is the well-being of umuntu (self) being dependent on the well-being of abantu (others.)

Umuntu (self) and abantu (others) form one being, that is African concept of self.African self concept is an embodiment of Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is manifested in the muntu’s (self) physical body, mind and spirit.

Ubuntu regulates the relational ethic of how umuntu (self) should behave towards abantu (others.)

Ubuntu is not only a guideline on how abantu (people) relate to others but how one teats him/herself.