• Couples therapy for adults.

  • Individual therapy for adults and children.

  • Neuropsychological assessments .

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is for presenting problems within the relational context of couple/ family.

Couples therapy is a powerful tool that not only assist individual client’s but /partners or clients family members

in changing their behaviour, attitude, strategies for coping about the presenting problem.

Who can benefit from couples therapy?

- Couples and spouses who are recovering from infidelity in their marriage/relationship.

- Couples and spouses who want to improve their marriage/relationships from a psychological point of view.

- Couples who want prepare for marriage.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy happens in private between the client and psychotherapist.

Sessions are focused on the clients personality and lived experiences.

Who can benefit form individual therapy ?

Individual’s who are experiencing;Partner (family) relational problems

- Work related stress

- Trauma or abuse

- Problems with one’s identity

- Depression and Anxiety


Neuro-psychological assessments

Neuropsychological assessments is used to assess cognitive and behavioural functioning after brain damage, or mental illness.

Who can benefit form neuropsychological assessments ?

Plaintiff and Defendant Attorneys who needs assessments for their clients who have been involved motor vehicle

accidents or pedestrian vehicle accidents.



Individual therapy

Medical Aid rates apply

Couples Therapy

Medical Aid rates apply


Road Accident Fund rates apply